Loving someone can be the sweetest gift.

Happiness can, and often does, come in the form of a pretty freshly hand-baked cake. I think that cakes and other baked goods are the perfect expression of Love.

The word Love always encouraging to me.
That's why I Love baking and always start with the freshest ingredients - LOVE.

Everything tastes better when it's made with loving heart and using
the finest premium ingredients and hand-baked with passion.

Nothing says I love you like a
loveintouch cake.
Life is keeping in touch with love. Cake is a staple of comfort and a reward we savor with our love.

Tiramisu Chapter of Love

Moist, sponge fingers cake laced with imported coffee liqueur, layered with delicate mascaporne cheese, and blanketed with a dusting of cocoa.

Cheese Temptation

Two-layer cheese temptation filled with a unique combination chocolate mousse, tangy citrus baked cheese cake and premium chocolate glazing.

Coffee Cream Cheesecake

Another delicious cake for coffee lovers. Simply flavored with cream cheese. Sprinkle toasted nibbed almonds on top.

Lemony Cheesecake

A melt-in-your mouth chilled cheesecake, with a touch of lemon and crunchy crust base. It is definitely satisfying for all cheesecake lovers.

Lovin Crisp

Baked with lavish amount of fresh diced mangoes and blueberries.
Topped with a tasty buttery crumble.


This seasonal recipes depends upon mango season.

Lemon Chocolate Indulgence

Filled with layers of lemon cream, chocolate cream, sandwich with chocolate sponge and coated with chocolate glazing. Luscious lemon in every bite.

Chocolate Love Torte

A classic melt-in-your mouth chocolate cake will appeal to chocolate lovers which was really a torte because the cake–an almost-flourless...

Pistachio Gateau

Chocolate sponge cakes layered with French butter
cream and coated the whole cake with a generous
amount chopped oven-toasted pistachios.

Yogurt Peach Cake

A delicious low fat natural peach yogurt cake
with zest lemon for weight watchers.
Arranged with peach slices over the top of the cake.


Loveintouch Cupcakes

loveintouch cupcakes delight both the eyes and the heart. Made to order with finest ingredient, they remind us that the best things in life are simple. Made by hand-baked with love, handled with joy. Perfect for any occasion, without needing an occasion at all.